Saturday, October 18, 2008

I Love CVS

My family calls me the coupon queen. I love using coupons to save money and I always surprise my mother with how much I save. Yesterday was my best coupon days. My main things I planned to purchase were a Swiffer Sweeper Starter Kit as well as a Sweeper Duster Starter Kit, which were on sale and by buying both of them, I'd receive 5 Extra Care Bucks. I had a CVS coupon for $3 off $15 or more; actually, the cost of these 2 items were just under 15, so I ended up buying 2 containers of Icebreakers mints, which I of course had a $1 off coupon for. All in all just with different coupons, I saved $15.99: that includes the $3 off a 15.00 purchase, $1 off the Icebreakers, $2off from a previous Extra Care Bucks coupon I received from a previous purchase, $1 off for buying a Swiffer Sweeper, $1 off for buying a Swiffer Duster, and lastly a coupon calling for a free Swiffer Duster when you buy a Swiffer Sweeper. I noticed when I got home that she gave me the Swiffer Sweeper free, but since both items were on sale; the Sweeper was only $1 more. Had I paid full price with no coupons or sale, which I wouldn't have done in the first place, I'd have paid about $25 before tax plus 10% tax since I was in chicago, but with all the coupons and sale prices I only paid $4.08. I have to admit, I was excited over that. And this was only a week after paying only about 44 cents for a bottle of Afrin the week before at Walgreens. There they had $2 store coupon in the sale ad that week and I had found a manufacturers coupon previously. Well I better go. I need to figure out my shopping list for tomorrow and get my coupons in order.


Anonymous said...

I so need a lesson from you! I would love to get better with the savings!

Anonymous said...

Have you seen that K-Mart started up the double coupon thing recently? My sister-in-law and I went nuts. My subtotal was like $131 and post coupons I paid $80 for two weeks worth of groceries!!!